Expand your company’s reach through collaboration

Exchanging jobs with other litigation support agencies around the country and the world is a common way of providing clients with superior service and increasing their loyalty. Whether they have a need locally or in a place outside of your service area, they only have to call you, and you will arrange everything.

This kind of service is invaluable to your clients: you save them time looking for services in unfamiliar areas, and you reduce their anxiety about working with unknown professionals. As far as they are concerned, they are working with your firm.

So how do you find qualified services out-of-town? Many firms join networks, which is a good idea, although it can get expensive. With RB8, you can join the free RB XChange, which is open only to RB users.

In addition to free membership in a network with members across the U.S. and Canada, RB XChange users can share job data through RB8, eliminating re-keying, misspellings and lost information between firms. This saves both firms time and helps them present a professional image to clients.

Exchange jobs with other RB users

If you refer jobs to other court reporting firms or get job referrals yourself, you can save time and reduce errors when exchanging jobs with other firms which also use RB with RB XChange. The way it works is simple:

  • Sending an assignment: If you have a job you want another firm to handle for you, you assign the job to them as you would assign a job to a resource. Then, with the click of a button, you create a file (in XML format) attached to the Reporter Worksheet that contains all of the job’s RB data.
  • Receiving an assignment: Firms which receive an RB XChange email with an XML attachment import the attachment into their RB calendar, using the Import RBXChange File function.
  • Turning in an assignment: Firms can turn in jobs through RB Web the same way resources turn in jobs online. Information entered in RB Web imports directly into RB8, eliminating re-keying.

Because we value our clients’ privacy, the RB XChange Job Exchange Group is strictly an opt-in list. It’s free, but you have to join to be listed and to get access to the contact list of members. You can download the enrollment form by clicking the RB XChange button on our website.
Once your application is processed, we’ll add you to the list and notify you. You can then access the list by clicking the RB XChange button and logging in with your user ID and password. The list is broken down by country, state and city. Individual firm information includes coverage area, complete contact information, and Google Maps/MapQuest directions to their office.

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