Know what clients prefer

With today’s cutthroat competition from all sides, trying to compete on price can be a quick road to ruin for a small company. Contrary to common perception, clients will not go almost anywhere just to save a buck. What your business needs to stand out is better client service and satisfied clients.

One sure way to impress clients is to remember their preferences. Utilize the Preferred Services feature in RB8 to remind your scheduling and production staff of clients’ preferences. It’s about time to get rid of those yellow sticky notes on the wall.

  1. In Setup > Contacts, locate an attorney.
  2. In the attorney’s detail window, click the Preferred Services tab.
  3. Click New. Then select service preferences in the drop-downs and enter any additional information in the Instruction field.
  4. Click Save and Close.

The preferred services will appear when the Prefill Services function is used in Calendar Manager or Turn-in.

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