Know who has stopped calling

How many clients does your firm lose every year? With churn increasing and customer loyalty fading, winning back lost clients and keeping them has never been more critical. According to a marketing study, your chances of winning back a former client are statistically two to four times higher than landing a new one.

Clients defect for different reasons; and some clients, frankly, aren’t worth winning back. Careful evaluation and categorization let you select the most valuable clients to target, then develop individualized strategies to win back particular types of client. Use RB8 to generate your list of lost clients, so you can target your marketing to them.

  1. In Inquiry > Marketing Inquiry, select No Calendar Contacts in the Type drop-down.
  2. In Scheduled Date From/To, enter the period you want to analyze.
  3. Click Search. RB8 lists contacts who called at least once during the previous period but have not called for the specified (current) period.

Categorize lost clients using the Rating or Misc. Code field in the Contacts table Marketing tab to help you when developing a marketing strategy for winning them back. Here are some suggestions:

  • Lost – Intentionally pushed away
  • Lost – Unintentionally pushed away
  • Lost – Pulled away
  • Lost – Bought away
  • Lost – Moved away
  • Lost – Variety seeker

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