Offer incentive bonus programs

Well-planned incentive bonus programs can help you attract and retain highly talented reporters. For example, when new reporters walk in the door with attorneys already in their pockets, use the Client Of feature in RB8 to:

  • Track the amount of the business being generated from those attorneys; and
  • Pay incentive bonuses based on the new business generated.

Encourage (and reward) all of your resources to be a marketing force. After all, they interact with attorneys who are not your clients every single day. If any resources bring in new clients, track and pay them incentive bonuses too.

  1. In Setup > Contacts, locate a resource’s client attorney.
  2. On the contact’s Marketing tab, click the look-up button next to Client Of to specify this contact’s resource who qualifies for bonuses.
  3. Click Save and Close.
  4. In Setup > Resources, locate the resource.
  5. On the resource’s Pay Info tab, enter percentages for Client Of jobs which the resource covers and those covered by other reporters in the Commission Rate fields.
  6. Click Save and Close.

When you are ready to pay the incentive bonus, go to Payables > Sales Commission Report. In the Commission For drop-down, select Client Of to generate a list of commission-able invoices.

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