Printing form letters to contacts

Use RB8’s extensive variety of form letters to streamline your correspondence to contacts. Relevant details about a job are filled in by RB8. Letters to contacts automatically include cc’s to the other parties on the case, and you can add or remove contacts from the cc list. Edit any letter, if desired, and create your own templates from the existing ones.

  1. On the menu bar in RB8, click Production > Letters.
  2. In the Search Criteria pane, enter search filters as needed, then click Search (or press Alt + S).
  3. RB8 lists all of the jobs that meet the specified search condition(s). Right-click the job you want to print a letter for, then choose Letter > To Contact.
  4. All of the contacts turned in for the job are displayed in the Parties section. Select a contact you want to send a letter to by clicking it.
  5. All of the deponents for the job are displayed in the Witnesses section. Check the Include box to include the deponent on the letter.
  6. Click Print. In the Select Form window, click the letter you want to use, then click Open. (Or double-click it.)
  7. Edit the letter, if desired, then click the print icon.

All of the contacts on the grid (except the addressee) are included automatically as cc’s on the letter. You can add or remove contacts from the cc list. Click Add Party or Delete Parties.

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