Automate your support system

Use RB Web’s Support Ticket System to communicate between your office and your clients and reporters. For many support issues, this system eliminates phone calls and emails while providing a better level of support with a complete audit trail of any communications.

Clients and reporters have a Support tab in their RB Web offices. When they select it, they can type in a message and send it to you. They can also see the status of any messages they have already sent to you and read your replies.

The Support Ticket System can be used for any general inquiries by clients and reporters. For example, if a reporter has a question about their last paycheck, they can access the Support Ticket System at any time and send you an inquiry.

When a client or a reporter sends you a message/ticket through the Support Ticket System, it automatically alerts your staff via RB8 to view the ticket. They can then act on the request and report back to the requester through the system. The person who initiated the request gets an alert and can respond to you again or close the ticket and rate your response. The response cycle can continue until they are satisfied and close the ticket.

The Support Ticket System is optional: you can turn it on or off, plus you designate who in your office receives requests. For example, you might want to notify 2 calendar people on the client side and the reporter manager on reporter side.

Instead of trying to follow up on and keep track of phoned-in requests on Post-Its, the Support Ticket System in RB8 makes it easy to look up the information requested and reply quickly while maintaining a complete audit trail if any questions should arise about the exchange in the future.

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