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Information about ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

Automate your support system

Use RB Web’s Support Ticket System to communicate between your office and your clients and reporters. For many support issues, this system eliminates phone calls and emails while providing a better level of support with a complete audit trail of … Continue reading

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Send text messages from RB8

Use RB8’s Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging to send a short message to someone’s cell phone. It’s easier than texting from a cell phone and faster than calling. From the person’s contact screen in RB8, click the up arrow … Continue reading

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Offer online pay statements

If you have RB Web, reporters and other resources can access their pay statements online so that you do not have to mail them paper statements. They don’t have to worry about losing their pay statements – they can access … Continue reading

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