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RB9 vs RB8RB Connect: the new RB Web

RB Connect is an optional plug-in for RB9. It includes all the modules currently in RB Web, except that like RB9, it has been re-thought from the ground up, so there have been some notable changes:

Streamlined modules

Some modules from RB Web have been combined in RB Connect to simplify the interface, making it quicker and easier to use.

  • Repository in client-side RB Connect incorporates RB Web’s single-focus Transcript repository module, so your clients can find and download all related files in one place.
  • Account Activity in client-side RB Connect incorporates RB Web’s Pay Invoices module, so your clients can access all their financial information in one place.

Idea Collaborator additions

Based on your input in the Idea Collaborator, some modules have extended features, such as:

  • Client-side Repository has more search filters, including Witness Name and Job No.
  • Resource-side Turn In has been simplified, combining the Turn-in Wizard with Advanced Mode and eliminating complicated processes, so turn-in is faster with less opportunity for errors. Also after a job is turned in, the date the billing sheet was sent to the office appears in the job’s listing so resources can quickly see which jobs they have completed.
  • When resources request time off through RB Connect, they no longer have to check the status of their requests through Support Tickets; the Availability module tracks time-off request status for them.

RB Connect includes RB Web plug-ins

RB Web is a plug-in to RB8 with optional plug-ins of its own. RB Connect includes these plug-ins’ capabilities free of charge in the basic RB Connect subscription. Plug-ins included in RB Connect:

  • Client Of/Sales Rep gives reporters right of first refusal on their clients’ jobs by displaying unassigned jobs from their clients on the reporters’ online calendars. It also gives your sales reps the ability to view their clients’ scheduled jobs.
  • Media Streaming lets clients watch video transcripts from their repositories online. They don’t have to wait for lengthy file downloads, and your content is protected from copying.
  • My Reward Points gives clients access to their points online if you operate a points system (included in RB9). They can see their current points balance, pending amounts and history, plus make requests to redeem or transfer points online.

If you are not familiar with these RB plug-ins, this RB8 plug-ins list has details about these now-included features of RB Connect.

Users have options

Based on your feedback, we have added and refined the user experience in RB Connect from RB Web:

Sign in using social media

You can give users the option to sign into RB Connect through their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts. This means one less password they have to remember, as long as the email address they use for their social media account is the same address you have for them in your RB9 records.

User information updates are simplified

Users can update their personal contact information and password online. However, clients can’t change their company information in your database themselves, so you maintain control; nor can users change their user ID, removing the risk of them forgetting their ID.

Users can customize their experience

Clients and resources can set some preferences for how their RB Connect looks, such as which calendar style is their default. Clients can also set some preferences for new job settings, such as a default city.

Transcript Packages improvements

Transcript Packages moved

Transcript packages are interactive transcripts people can view in RB Connect in web browsers or on mobile devices. They debuted in RB8 and were created in the Production module. In RB9, this function has been moved to the Connect module because you create them for use with RB Connect only.

Preview transcript packages

RB9’s Transcript Packages work similarly to the RB8 version with one important difference: You can preview transcript packages inside RB9 before your clients see them in RB Connect (the RB9 version of RB Web). You can check that all files are included, that hyperlinks are working, etc. — and correct any mistakes — before your clients see their transcripts online.

RB Connect Mobile replaces RB Web’s mobile options

Instead of having to choose between a browser-based app or one or more mobile OS apps for providing services on mobile devices, there is now one mobile option for RB Connect: RB Connect Mobile. RB Connect Mobile is not an app so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of registering it, and your clients and resources don’t have to search for it in app stores.

What’s new in RB9 modules:

Plus what else is new about RB9:

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