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Information about ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

RB9 compared to RB8

Now that the next generation of ReporterBase business management software, RB9, is available, how is it different from RB8, the industry standard for the past 10 years? If you know RB8, this section is for you: It highlights the changes in RB9 from RB8 in all areas of the software. Continue reading

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RB9 Setup highlights

A big change in the Setup module could be called housecleaning. Functions for setting up contacts, firms, resources, locations, and business units have been moved to their own module, Entities. And set-up functions that were under Tools before have been moved to their proper place here. Continue reading

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RB9 Tools highlights

The Tools module has been cleaned up in RB9 with functions that are a better fit elsewhere in the system moved to more appropriate modules. Other functions have been redesigned to work better and provide better results. Continue reading

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What’s inside RB9

RB9 has the same modules as RB8. If you use RB8, there will be a lot of familiar features and functions. However, every module and function has been rethought and restructured to work better, incorporating new technology and more flexible, streamlined workflows. Continue reading

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RB9 Security

Security is always important when dealing with sensitive and critical information, such as much of the information court reporting and other legal support businesses handle. This article includes a few RB9 security points to know. Continue reading

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