RB9 Billing highlights

RB9 vs RB8How is billing different in RB9 from RB8? If you know RB8, this section highlights the changes in RB9 from RB8 in the Billing module.

Tweaks to improve billing

While the Calendar module is the biggest module in RB9, Billing is just as important to your business. To help you bill faster, we have tweaked the billing process in RB9.

Posting & sending invoices are easier, more logical processes

Instead of hiding the important functions of posting and sending invoices in the all-purpose Billing module, as in RB8, RB9 breaks them out as their own functions: Post Invoices and Send Invoices. Plus, RB9 combined the RB8 function of Reprint Posted Invoice into Send Invoices. So, sending invoices only happens in one function now.

RB9 also gives you the option of posting and sending invoices directly from the Turn-in function as you calculate them. If you post an invoice in Turn-in, RB9 automatically asks if you would like to send and archive the invoice. If you select Yes, then the Send Invoice function automatically opens.

Smoother COD process

  • In addition to RB8 search filters, such as by invoice number or invoice date, in RB9 you can also search for COD invoices by job number.
  • You can view a COD invoice from its detail screen in COD Invoices function with the click of a button, then export or print it from there.
  • Invoice numbers on COD invoices include 3 asteriks (***) after the number to make it easier to differentiate them from posted invoices.
  • To reduce errors when purging old COD invoices, RB9 does not allow bulk removal of COD invoices. Instead, users must purge invoices one by one so they have the option to review and ensure they are eliminating the correct invoice(s).

Less time spent in e-billing

If you have clients that require electronic billing in LEDES format, we’ve added a couple of tweeks to make it easier.

  • No more right-clicks to select or export invoices.
  • If any LEDES-required information is missing on an invoice, RB9 alerts you as soon as you try to export the invoice. It does not create an invoice until you have all information needed.

What’s new in RB9 modules:

Plus what else is new about RB9:

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